Principal consultant


Growing up a child beauty queen and becoming Miss Soft & Beautiful Canada is part of the humble beginnings of KAT.

Her desire to be of service to the community and beyond has contributed to over 20 years of community service. Her vision for a better tomorrow has afforded her the opportunity to create many businesses and economic strategies.

Known for her outgoing personality, go-getter passion and creative ideas, she has forecasted many trends in beauty, entertainment, and the economy.


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Small Beginnings


Seeing the importance of beauty from an early age as a child model, TV actor and pageant girl, Kerry Ann observed the effects beauty can have on ones confidence and upbringing. This lead to Kerry Ann's vision  for redefining the idea of beauty from inside out. It wouldn't be long before she become known for her innovative ideas and vision for a beautiful future, as well leading her to start her own magazine around smart lifestyles and since then has expanded on the "smart" brand with the forming of the Smart Nation and the Victorious Legacy Sphere of Influence.

"We have been lucky and blessed to experience growth of vision and strategy since our small beginnings and our dream to beautify the world is becoming a reality.   And we LOVE it!" KAT